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Autism Resources

Individualized resources and recommendations are best provided after an evaluation. However, I've curated a list of some useful resources and websites you can directly access in order to learn more about autism, whether it's understanding yourself, your child, or someone else in your network.


  1. Autism Girls Network: is an organization that aims to better recognize and diagnose autistic girls. They have a comprehensive list of books for all age groups, all with an easy to digest summary of each text. 

  2. Not an Autism Mom: has a list of 100ish books on autism and neurodiversity, for children, teens, tweens, adolescents, and adults.

  3. Explaining Autism to Kids: A step-by-step guide for talking to your child about autsm and what it means for them.

Father and Son Playing
Father and Son Playing

Sensory Tools

  1. Sensory Brochure: Sensory integration brochure helps to identify and explain the seven senses, signs associated with sensory integration/processing issues, and strategies for therapists.

  2. Autism, Level Up!: Utilize "The Power Plan," "Circle Energy Meter," and "Bumper: A Whole Body Learner" - free pdfs that can be incorporated by teachers to assist in sensory processing.

Social Media Accounts

Below I've listed my favorite social media accounts, created by neurodivergent individuals with easy to digest info-graphics:

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